Quantum Psionic Therapy: remote session


Quantum Psionic Therapy: 1-hour remote session



Quantum Psionic Therapy: 1-hour remote session.

The quantum therapy is a technic acting on informational fields that are related with physical elements.

During a session:

  • Action on the problem (private, professional, family, animals, living space…)
  • Identification of blocages in the informational field.
  • Correction of the informational field to remove the blocages.
  • A feedback on the session will be done at the end. If other sessions will be needed and the frequency between them will be given.


Thus, specify in the purchasing notes:

  • the name,
  • the firstname,
  • the birthdate of the concerned people,
  • the reason of the session.


Sessions performed by certified professionals.

More information on this technic: here.

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Animals, Humans