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How to build on your resources with a positive approach

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a communication and change approach.

This approach is a brief therapy (maximum from 2 sessions to 2 years of therapy).

Why Programming?

It refers to the notion of learning which, when acquired, becomes automatisms.

Our operation is equivalent to a program « we press a button and it works by itself ».

Example of walking and balance.

The goal will be to make the best use of the programs that are successful for us.

Why Neuro?

Our abilities are based on our neurological activity, our brain organization and the functioning of our mind.

NLP will help dive into the « how » we organize ourselves cerebrally.

« How do my mental representations influence my behavior? »

« How can I change my behaviors? »

Why Linguistic?

The language allows us to structure and will reflect our thought from our mind.
NLP places an important place on language.

NLP offers a wide range of self-exploration, the other and its environment, with adapted and effective tools for communicating, learning, expressing oneself, asserting oneself, being heard, listening and being listened to, defining and achieve specific goals in order to create a real exchange relationship with each other.

It is also effective for solving punctual problems: recovering from a break-up or mourning, preparing an exam, solving a specific blockage, leaving a series of failures, speaking in public … face certain health problems or somatization, the troubles of a crisis of identity or to feel more at ease in society.

It is a very interesting tool to perform in all areas.
It gives us natural access to resources for change, regeneration and stress management.

Neuro Linguistic Programming sessions in practical…

Séverine offers a work based on innovative processes and powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to help you communicate better and achieve your goals.

Each of us is either visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory or tasteful. We perceive the environment primarily through sight, hearing or our emotions and thus create our own filter, through which we interpret events.

I adapt to your mode of communication, to guide you in the exploration of your behaviors and allow you to reproduce them consciously or to modify them if necessary.

During a preliminary interview, I invite you to determine your motivations and to set a goal to achieve during the sessions. During this time, I observe your privileged sensory system.

NLP proposes above all to mobilize the resources of its unconscious.

These last ones are made up of forgotten experiences or knowledge, donations still unexploited which just ask to express themselves … then we will seek the appropriate model together.

So you will get back to performance, that is to say with its creativity and ability to adapt to a situation. Knowing more about the times when you feel effective and competent then allows you to build a “toolbox”, in which you will be able to draw at leisure when facing a difficult situation.

But to change one’s behavior first and foremost by practice. This is why it is common to have to do exercises between each session.


Séverine Minni – Life Spirit Alchemists Founder
Specialized nurse in hypnosis, hypnopraxis and Ericksonian psychotherapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner / Professional Coaching
Flower remedy therapy and quantum therapy practitioner
PSiO ambassador

Nurse by profession, I started my career at the age of 24 and 14 years ago in France, in the Grenoble region. I studied and worked in the University Hospital of Grenoble and Dom Tom in Martinique at the University Hospital of Martinique Hospital Pierre Zobda Quitman – La Meynard, Fort de France, especially in the operating rooms of emergencies and cells of polytreatment of polytrauma patients in neurosurgery and cardiac surgery.

For my personal and professional development, I leave the region of Grenoble for the Annecy Basin to take up the position of assistant director of operating theater. Inspired by this beautiful region, I started in 2014 then an endless process of personal development as part of my Master in professional coaching to get to know me better and live with me while learning to respect my values. A real search for the Grail!

I complete this course with a Diploma of Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming to properly reprogram the BIOS of my central unit. This process took place in parallel with my professional activity as an instrumental nurse in orthopedic surgery and then in the workplace health sector within companies in Haute-Savoie.

In 2015, I revisited Swiss practices by adding to those I knew, those of digestive and visceral surgery, cardiac electrophysiology and research within the University Hospital of Geneva.

After discovering “all parts of the human body” by my professional activity but also by the practice of intensive sport twirling stick in international competition for 14 years, I became aware that what was played in the human being was another order.

I became interested in hypnosis. I had incredible and exciting revelations about the functioning of the human being during my training taught by Dr. Guy Chedeau, MD, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Paris, collaborator since 1988 of Dr. Jean Godin, 1st President of the Milton Erickson Institute in Paris, founder of the Milton Erickson Institute in Geneva.

To complete my professional needs I followed a training course of trainer in company.

I am certified preparator of flower essences of Saint Germain de Neide Margonari (Brazil) then trained and certified in quantum radionics therapy by Manuela Joïa, teacher in Switzerland from the practice of Regia Prado (Brazil).
These two therapeutic techniques harmonize the vibratory and energetic levels of the human being.

I describe myself today as a holistic therapist to educate my patients to make them independent and responsible for their overall health.

With all the possibilities that are offered to me and mainly my practice to restore a psychocorporal balance, the challenge today is to promote the development of the vitality and inner well-being of my patients… the inner key!

A balanced relationship of the human being with himself, with others and with the environment. I could not have done a better job…



CHF 120 / h

Session time is usually of 1 hour. The first session could be longer (1.5 h)


Sessions are taking place at Noshaq: Route de Malagnou 8, 1208 Geneva

Cash and credit card accepted on site.